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This local QI project seeks to use Measurement Science to evaluate the implementation of the Integrated Pain Team (IPT) in primary care at the SFVAMC with the goal of improving local pain care services and informing scaled-up implementation and dissemination to under-served rural CBOCs in the SFVAHCS and VISN 21. We are evaluating patient experience and opioid risk as well as provider experience with chronic pain patients to assess the impact of IPT through the following aims:
  • Aim 1: To determine whether implementation of the IPT model improves self-reported chronic pain-related outcomes and opioid misuse
  • Aim 2: To utilize the VISN 21 Opioid Dashboard and VA administrative data to compare opioid-related outcomes between patients followed by the IPT compared to matched Controls receiving pain care through usual Primary Care
  • Aim 3: To determine whether the IPT Clinic reduces primary care provider burden/burn-out by facilitating care of higher-risk chronic pain patients many of whom are maintained on chronic opioid therapy
  • Aim 4: To examine challenges to engagement and gender-specific care needs for women with chronic pain.
  • Aim 5: To evaluate the impact of Scan ECHO pain education on the Manila VA CBOC staff through the following measures