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Page: prior_studies

Prior Studies Integrating Mental Health and Primary Care Services for OEF/OIF Combat Veterans with PTSD and Co-morbid Disorders: Assessing the Evidence A new "OEF/OIF Integrated Care Clinic" was recently established at the San Francisco VA Medical Center to provide "one-stop" primary care, mental…


Page: resources

Resources Being informed helps us make smart and adequate decisions that affect our lives right now and also impact the future. Getting information and finding the appropriate resources can be the first step in receiving assistance. Enrollment in VA Healthcare Please see the eligibility criteri…


Page: Whole_Health

Whole Health Project **San Francisco VA Health Care System Whole Health Transformation** In partnership with the Office of Patient Centered Care & Cultural Transformation, the San Francisco VA Health Care System (SFVAHCS) is working to develop and evaluate a **Whole Health Pathway** leading to s…


Page: staff

Staff The staff of the Vets Return Home Research Group are dedicated to understanding the everyday human challenges and problems facing veterans returning home. They all believe that with the help of returning veterans, research can hold the key to a smoother and healthier transition home; not on…


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